HELLO GARDENは「新しい暮らしの広場」をコンセプトに謳い、誰にとっても当たり前にある毎日の「暮らし」を考え直すきっかけを提供しているプロジェクトです。


HELLO GARDENの活動は、自らの手によって、自らが欲しい暮らしを手に入れる術を探し続ける、生活実験です。その実験を住宅地の一角でパフォーマンス的に行うことは、地域の方々への問題提起となります。また、その実験に地域の方々を巻き込むことで、彼らの知恵やスキルとなり、暮らしを変えるきっかけとなるかもしれません。そしてその実験を通じて、環境、教育、福祉、防災などの、地域が抱える様々な社会問題の解決にも寄与する可能性を感じています。

HELLO GARDENは空き地の新しい活用方法として、また都市の中への市民参加の新たな形や、新たな地域コミュニティの形成など、まちづくりの視点でも多くの可能性を秘めており、少しずつその成果が現れてきています。

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HELLO GARDEN is a project, the concept of which is “experimental laboratory for alternative life”, which gives people the chance to reconsider our ordinary daily lives.

The current focus of our consuming society means our lives are governed by economic activities and not governed by ourselves.
However, it should be, and originally was so, that each person thinks deeply on their life and creates their own lifestyle for themselves.

HELLO GARDEN creates a life experiment to keep searching for the ways to achieve this life we want in which we have the ability to govern ourselves.
This life experiment, which can seem like a performance, in a regular corner of a residential street can help to stimulate ideas with our neighbors. And working with these neighbors encourages them to acquire new knowledge and skills that may lead them to change their own lifestyle.
Through this experiment we think our project has the potential to solve our neighborhood’s own social issues such as those concerned with the environment, education, social welfare and disaster prevention.

Our garden has a lot of potential not only as a new method for practical use of vacant land, but also as a new form of public participation in our own city. Creating a new local community, and helping community development. This effort has appeared little by little.