Ecole Libre

Ecole Libreは、千葉大学教育学部の学部生を中心に、地元の小・中学生に無償で勉強を教える活動を行う団体です。一人ひとりのこどもと向き合い、彼らのやりたいことや苦手を把握しながら、彼らに応じた学習機会を提供しています。


Ecole Libreの活動を通じ、教育の機会が地域に根付いていくことは、教育・学びの機会を家庭や地域に取り戻し、全てのこどもに対して学ぶ機会を均等に与えるきっかけになるのではないかと考えています。
Ecole Libreは、教育の、そして地域の新たな可能性を生み出し始めています。

Ecole Libre

Ecole Libre

Ecole Libre is a group organized by Chiba University students, mostly belonging to the department of education. They teach local schoolchildren and junior high school students without payment.
They provide learning opportunities to children based on the personal studies facing each of them and comprehend what they want to do and what they are bad at.

In the current Japanese society, there is still an issue of job opportunities judged only by educational background.
If this situation does not change soon, it can easily happen that children lose many choices for their future if they fail in the school education system and stray from the normal path.
The children who are able to go to cram school can recover this situation by themselves, even if they cannot adapt to the regular school system. On the other hand, how can the children who are not able to go to cram school recover?

Nowadays, education opportunities have developed to be the consideration primarily of services provided by schools and cram schools only.
However, in the beginning, learning was provided by the wider community and several families on their own initiative.
We think that education opportunities rooted in this area through the activity of Ecole Libre could return this focus on education and learning opportunities back to the home, and could provide the opportunities for every child to learn on an equal level.
This may also create a new culture where the local children growing here in this environment can create an alternative future for the area.
So the Ecole Libre members participate in the local activities positively, and have been trying to make their activity firmly rooted within the context of the local neighborhood.
We expect that if children are involved in this neighborhood, it may create the new values for the local community.
Ecole Libre has been creating these new possibilities between education and local community.